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Travel the World with Video Slots

Video Slots

Video slots are essential in attracting new customers to casinos and retaining them. Their design adds elements that enhance engagement. Their rewards add excitement to the game while keeping players motivated. Slot videos feature captivating themes, including dragon, city, fruit, and explorer themes. Slots about the cities of the world take players through an exciting experience of the world right on their devices. 

Venice Amore slot

Venice Amore slot takes you on a trip through Italy and into Venice city. It immerses you in the thrills and charm of the city while filling your travel bag with rewards. Some of the key places you will visit include the Rialto Bridge, St. Mark’s Square, and the La Salute Church. The game offers five reels with 30 pay lines, and you could win a staggering 10,000 times your bet. You can use the Parx Casino app to play the game and explore the millennium-old canals. 

Cleopatra Gold slot

Cleopatra Gold slot takes you on a discovery journey of the ancient Egypt. You will explore the oldest pyramids hidden in the sand and venture around the Nile to find images of the Egyptian gods. The game offers you a lot of mysteries to discover. One of the prominent characters to uncover is Cleopatra, one of the greatest queens in ancient Egypt. Unveiling three pyramids in a row opens free spins. Apart from visiting one of the best cities in the world, this game offers a five-reel 20-pay line slot and an attractive progressive jackpot of up to $10,000. 

New York slot

The New York slot takes you through an exciting experience of the ever-busy New York City. It features five reels with 20 pay lines, which can offer diverse winning opportunities. You will discover key landmarks in the city and receive assorted rewards such as free spins and a win of up to 500 times your bet. The winnings you get can help you build a great online persona by establishing an information-filled website and investing in areas that help you expand your network. 

Vegas Magic slot

If you love experiencing what happens around the Las Vegas gambling sector, this slot game is a good option. It takes you on a tour of the iconic Vegas Strip, where you discover the magic of gambling. The game offers five reels with three rows and 20 pay lines. It allows you to bet from 20 cents and up to $100 per spin. You can win up to 350,000 coins. The slot game offers an attractive RTP of 96.08%. You can play it on your smartphone or desktop. The main features of the game are avalanche, wild, and multiplier. 

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